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Rain! Sleet! Snow! The weather will do its part to dampen Americans’ celebrations.


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The only way to celebrate New Year’s safely this year may well be to gather outside — masked, and at a safe distance from other people. But a dreary weather forecast for the next few days might make that possibility scant for much of the country.

From North Texas to northeast Michigan, a wintry mix of snow and freezing rain is likely to arrive overnight on Thursday, the National Weather Service said. And starting at the Florida Panhandle up to the Ohio Valley and southern Appalachians, at least two inches of rain is possible. Large parts of the East Coast can expect rain both on Thursday and Friday, and in the Pacific Northwest, the Cascades will see snow on New Year’s Eve.

The weather forecast for some major cities is not looking too promising, either. Chicago will be hit with a mix of snow and freezing rain late Thursday evening into Friday. New York will see some warmer weather, with a chance of rain throughout the day Thursday, then again Friday.

But good news is still in store for Los Angeles and Miami, two cities expecting a largely dry, warm and sunny start to the New Year. Lucky for them.

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